Fort Riley

Engine at Ware Elementary School in Fort Riley, about 1978 (thanks to Steve Howe for the information).


Engine #4 at Station 1 (thanks to Rich Mosher of the Kansas City Fire Museum for information about these photos).
Station 1 became Station 2 in 1985; in 1995 it was renovated with wider bays. Engine 4 was rebuilt in 1993-95 with an E-1 Hurricane cab and body as Engine 3.
Station 2 (1962), which became Station 3 in 1985. On the left is Engine #2 (1962 Ford), which was a reserve engine until 1997. On the right is old engine 1 (1947 American LaFrance 700), a reserve engine until 1995, when it was completely restored. It is now stored at Station 2.

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