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Tim's Greek Cheat Sheet pdf format


Tim's Latin Cheat Sheet pdf format

Scholars Press Fonts

Here are keyboard templates I assembled for three Scholars Press fonts which I use too infrequently to remember all the details, but often enough that I spent too much time trying to figure my way around. If you use these fonts, you are welcome to download and use these templates. Note that some keyboards are arranged differently; so there may be some differences in the characters they generate. The fonts are presented here with permission of their creator, James Adair.

SP Atlantis (international glyphs)
SP Ionic (Greek)
SP Tiberian (Hebrew)

SP Fonts Download Page
Quuxware Spikey, a free on-screen template for SP Ionic.

If you prefer to use Unicode, Tyndale House Fonts offers a variety of useful tools
(most modern languages are included in the font kit).



last revised 28 March 2011