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Between apartment living, moving, not being able to have a basement, and not wishing to enrich the gas utility too much, we have had little space or time for a layout. However, we have been able to maintain our interest in modeling by participating in modular railroad clubs.

The idea of a modular railroad layout is a set of design standards that allows any two sections to connect. One of the earliest, and best-known, is N-trak, which has evolved and spawned several subgroups. There are also modular systems for other scales. There are also sectional layouts, which resemble modules, although the sections generally are assembled in a prescribed order.

We bagan as members of Central Indiana N-trak, which allowed creation of e much larger layouts than any one person or club could easily maintain. It's also great to go to train shows and share with others. Cintrak also includes the T-Trak system, and we've been working on several modules.

January 2020, CID show, Noblesville IN
A GTW loco pulls sand hoppers from Michigan

a train of short hoppers for carrying sand

February 2020, Muncie & Western show, Muncie IN
Layout trials of modules

unfinished modules with markings and buildings

January 2016, CID show, Noblesville
The "Popsicle Train" brings a load of ice cream and other treats.

March 2014, Naptown & Western show, Indianapolis

January 2013, NMRA CID show, Noblesville
A Chessie System locomotive leads a grain train.

January 2012, World's Greatest Hobby, Indianapolis:
The Chessie safety cabooses make an appearance on the end of a freight train.

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