streetcar with name Superior, Petoskey & Tahquamenon Village RR on the side, page title: stations

One of the advantages of modeling (however loosely) a railroad that once existed was being able to obtain a timetable with a list of stations, which we have modified a bit to fit our purposes and changes since 1970. The prototype K&SH had very short sidings, which is an advantage when modeling.

39.59 Hartford Junction C.&O. RR. Hartford Branch
39.4 South Haven Depot
35.05 Kibbie
31.98 Lacota siding: 15 cars
29.21 Grand Junction C.& O. RR. Interlocking. 18 cars
24.97 Berlamont
23.00 Bloomingdale Trail Oasis
18.52 Gobles 36 cars, grain elevator
17.55 Pine Grove
14.86 Kendall 11 cars, grain elevator
12.78 Mentha
11.19 Williams
9.10 Alamo 11 cars
5.52 Double
3.9 West Kalamazoo (10th St) Trail head
0.0 Kalamazoo Amtrak Depot

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revised 22 October 2011
SP&TV railcar image source: S70 LRV (CC-SA)

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