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town hall, Vermand, FranceThe Vermande family seems to have originated in France. A town north of Paris bears the name Vermand, and the French branch of the family still has a home nearby. The Metropolitan Museum of Art holds some Roman items found in the area. Click here for a photograph of the tower of the church in Vermand.

The area north of Champagne was once known as Vermandois. Medieval histories and the local library show a Hugh (or Hugues), Count of Vermandois, born 1057 C.E., son of Henry I (1031-1060) and Anne of Russia. Hugh apparently joined the Crusades in 1101. Hugh's brother, Philip (Philippe) I, went on to found the line that included St. Louis (Louis IX) and a few others we'd probably rather forget.

Apparently prodded by the Edict of Nantes, some members moved to Holland. At this point, information becomes sketchy, and a firm line of descent cannot be proved—except that the Vermandes of France bear a remarkable resemblance to those of America.

Photo of Vermand town hall, Marc Roussel, Wikipedia Commons CC-SA license

The Vermande family in North America traces its origins to Johann Cornelis Anthonie Vermande,
who came from the Netherlands shortly before the beginning of the twentieth century.

J. C. A. had one son:

who had one daughter and three sons:

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